National Show Photography

12th February 2020

AMHS has been most fortunate to acquire the services of Jane Richards for the Show this year.  Jane is a Victorian who has been photographing horses for many years.

Your Committee knows photographs can become a very costly item, but we all love pics of those special moments with our horses.  In an effort to keep costs to a minimum, Committee has made the following arrangements with Jane.  She will give AMHS rights to all her photos from the show by uploading them to our website.   You will be able to view them on the website and order those you wish to purchase through the Online Shop.  Once you place an order, Jane will be sent a copy of that order so she can email those photos straight to you.  You will be able to pay by Direct Deposit also if you wish.

We intend keeping photo costs to a minimum, but a small fee per photo will help cover our costs for Jane's services.

Jane will be asked to cover ring presentations as her first priority.  We will have a Photo Booth set up where you can also ask Jane to photograph your horses when she has time.  You can also use the Photo Booth yourselves to take your own photos if you wish.  As well, Jane has agreed to make herself available for private photo shoots at AELEC at other times.  You can phone her on 0474 824 060 to make your own arrangements with her.

Committee is very appreciative of this offer from Jane and we look forward to welcoming her to our show for the first time.


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