Terms and Conditions

Members of the Australian Miniature Horse Society Inc. must agree to abide by the terms and regulations set forth by AMHS Inc. and any amendment made thereto. All new memberships must be approved by the Committee of AMHS Inc.

Please read and agree to the below before considering membership:


Code of ethics

Show rules

Breed standard

Height for age requirements

Conditions and Types of Membership:

Full Membership: You have registered horses with your Membership.

Associate Membership: You do NOT have horses registered with AMHS.
All New Members must be nominated by a current and financial Member (contact us for further details)

Youth Membership: Under 18yrs of Age

Single Membership: Adult over 18yrs of Age

Family Membership: Two Adults & all their Children or Two adults Only 2 generations per family membership.

Joint/Derived Membership: More than one Adult in a Stud partnership (each partner must hold a Single Membership)

Handler Membership: A person who handles horses for another current/financial AMHS Member in the show ring