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AMHS are now using Global Online Entries to Enter Shows and Events Across The Country!

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How To Enter Shows Online


About AMHS

AMHS Inc. is Australia's FIRST and ONLY Miniature Society with multiple and separate Breed Registries under the one banner. We now have FOUR SEPARATE Registries available for our Members to register within:
  • Australian Miniature Horse Society - AMHS
  • Australian Miniature Pony Registry - AMPR
  • Amercian Shetland Pony of Australia - ASPA
  • Australian Show Horse Foundation - ASFR
AMHS is for Miniature Horses (34" & Under) and Small Horses (38" & Under).
AMPR is for Miniature Pony 34" & under, Small Pony over 34" to 38", Little pony over 38" to 42"..
ASPA is for Purebred and Derivative American Shetlands and it has two height categories: Under (42" & Under) and Over (46" & Under).
ASFR is our Foundation Registry, it contains two categories, Little Horse over 38" to 42"  and Small Foundation over 42" to 50" . This Registry is for our Breeders to track different bloodlines eg Welsh/Arab/Riding Pony etc so we can record the breeding history as lines are brought down in height.